Talent Never Looked Better


Hundreds of faces in each direction.

With a magnified point of view, we take note.

Looking for a canvas; to inspire and draw from.

With the momentum quickening, the spotlight shines –

A frenzied setting rushed.

Fashion creates spectacular moments, by turning the world into a runway.

About Us

The Fashion Entourage is an international model management agency, based in Bangalore, India.  Being in a dynamic working profession, we know what it takes to get places, why jump through loops when you can stroll through the fashion world. This world is fast changing, the market is growing and evolving across all industries – with our expertise in fashion, we always deliver.


To create ambassadors of fashion, who are passionate and strive to be the face of changing fashion.


To use our expertise, in search of fashion’s best to join our entourage.

Our Ideology

Identify & groom talented youth, by directing them in the limelight.

Be the opportunity for the youth and professionals alike; by creating a collaborative platform for networking.

Break the stereotypes associated with fashion.

Make ambassadors of The Fashion Entourage, who inspire and lead in the fashion world, across all industries.

Always be passionate.

The Art

High fashion modelling is considered the crème de la crème of the modelling business. It is a skill that is perfected through their unique experience, background and attitude, and any worthwhile photographer seeks to bring this out. This is reflected in the way we work with our ambassadors. Check out our ambassodors.

The Reality

The Fashion Entourage is exclusive model agency, our standards are high. We actively look for passionate professionals who are determined, committed and full of energy. The profession is a craft that demands a great deal of skill – models must have the ability to express and adopt a new attitude, to walk well and carry the clothes in a way that speaks to the audience


High Fashion, High Standards: What To Expect

We part take in the architecture of your career by helping you develop a healthy, positive and well-balanced professional career – we truly understand the vitality of this. You matter, and with our entourage you can be your best, with the best. The coaching and development that is offered to new faces is an intricate exercise, there are no short cuts when it comes to high-fashion. We maintain a level of transparency in the way we work. By working with us over a dedicated span of time, it will give you an exposure like no other. Physical and mental preparedness is essential to be successful in the business. There is proactive involvement at the right point in each career, it is your transformation that inspires us, The Fashion Entourage, to work the way we do.

What We Offer

Be a model

Learn the art, be the face known across the world.

Portfolio photography

Craft the perfect portfolio, your basic promotional tool.


House of fashion

Fashion Events




Fashion Designers


From being an aesthetic of advertising, to locations and accessories. From styling for luxury brands to making a statement – we’ve got it all.


Who We Work With

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